Did you know that?

On average, 33% of the energy consumption in
a room, occurs when people are not using it.
Around 90% of hotels, schools, universities and offices
don’t have a system that can help them save energy.

Energy Efficiency

Electric Consumption

Thanks to our system that automatically turns on, regulates and/or turns off the equipment, you will be able to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of 35% on average.


By saving energy, you reduce the carbon footprint of your business as well as your CO2 emissions, becoming more sustainable and friendly to the environment.

de Useful Life

By making efficient use of your equipment, you will achieve greater control over them, guaranteeing that they are used only when necessary, thus reducing the amount of maintenance and increasing their useful life.

Our impact in the environment

Our Projects

Holiday Inn Hotel

San José School

Sonesta Hotel

Karl C. Parrish School

Normal Superior del Distrito School