ESCO Model

We are an ESCO company (Energy Services Company), aimed at reducing energy consumption and implementing energy efficiency projects. We are in charge of analyzing and evaluating possible energy savings, as well as designing, financing and implementing energy efficiency projects for the hotel, educational and corporate sectors.

¿Why do we use this business model?

We know that making the decision to invest is complicated, that's why we look for a way to facilitate the financing of all the investment costs of the Project. For this, we sign an energy performance contract with the client. Thus the investments and costs of the implementation of the Energy Efficiency project are amortized by part of the Savings achieved.

Advantages of the ESCO model

It does not require investment. We assume the costs of implementation.

The payment of the services is conditioned to the savings results.

The value of services can be recorded as an expense and not as an investment.

Option to purchase the devices after the end of the contract.

Transfer of technical and financial risks to Horus Smart Energy.

Technical support and maintenance of equipment and software during the contract period.

Methodology to measure energy savings.

At Horus Smart Energy, the bases and procedures for the measurement and verification of energy savings achieved as a result of the implementation of energy efficiency projects are based on Option C described in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) or International Protocol of Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings, developed by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO): Verification of the entire installation Savings are determined by measuring the energy consumption of the entire installation. The measurement of all the energy consumption of the installation is carried out continuously during the demonstrative period of savings.