Launch of the Energy Management Board of the Caribbean Region
April 14, 2023

We were invited by the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce to launch the Caribbean Region Energy Management Board, an initiative led by the Region's Energy Cluster that is made up of the Chambers of Commerce of Barranquilla, Cartagena, Valledupar, Santa Marta and Guajira.

In this meeting we learned first-hand about the Cluster's agenda in relation to Energy Management, which mainly contains 4 points: Solar Energy, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Mobility and Energy Market in Colombia. That Energy Efficiency is one of the pillars of the agenda makes us happy and reaffirms that our Efficient Energy Management solution is fully aligned with current market needs.

Discussion on New Business from of Sustainable Construction
March 23, 2023

We were present at the event “Construction materials: sustainable trends and new business opportunities” organized by the Habitable Spaces Cluster of the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla of which we are part.
During the event Angélica Ospina, Technical Director of the Colombian Council for Sustainable Construction led the presentation entitled "Trends and perspectives of sustainability in materials in the construction sector" and later our CEO Tito Ardila was part of the panel of the conservatory "New Business from the Sustainable Construction” in which he discussed our experience from the approach of new technologies to the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

Environment Talk, Technology 4.0 and business
October 20, 2022
Within the framework of the APPS.COM Program, our CEO Tito Ardila and our COO María Esperanza Gonzalezrubio were invited by the Center for Innovation and Productivity Punto estratégico, to talk about technology, environment and its relationship with business from their experience with Horus Smart Energy.

Launch of Collision ETB
September 8, 2022

We were invited by MacondoLabs to the launch of Collision ETB, a competition in which the winner company will receive technical and tailor-made support in the business model validation, sophistication technology, product packaging and entrepreneurial skills that will be later applied in a business environment.
Our COO María Esperanza Gonzalezrubio and our CLO María Cecilia Ardila were present at the event and talked about their experience participating in similar programs such as Probeta. We highlight the importance of these programs, since we know first-hand their role in the development of Startups and the tools they provide companies to boost their businesses.

Graduation Ceremony Factories Program of internationalization
July 27, 2022

Since 2021, we started the process to be part of the “Fábricas de Internacionalización” Program which is the initiative of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Procolombia that seeks to increase the non-mining energy exports, promote the export culture and expand the business fabric exporter.
We were selected along with 12 other beneficiary companies for the 2021-2 period and we were part of the Program “Empresas de excelencia exportadora 3E” receiving strategic consultancy to support the design and structuring of new business models, which allows us to maximize efficiencies and be more competitive. Within the consultancies carried out by the Universidad de Los Andes and dictated by professionals experts and recognized in the topics covered were attended by our COO María Esperanza Gonzálezrubio and our CLO María Cecilia Ardila. This was a truly enriching experience for our company since we were able to consolidate and generate new knowledge to achieve a successful internationalization process.

Winners of the Energy Efficiency Andesco Award
June, 2022

We were winners of the 8th edition of the Award of Energy Efficiency delivered by the Association National Public Service Companies and Communications ANDESCO and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Findeter and the Mining Planning Unit. We obtained this recognition in the category "NGO, Research Center and Consulting and Services Companies Energetics” presenting the project “Implementation of an Energy Efficiency System in the Hotels of the Colombian Caribbean Coast” that we developed at the Sonesta Valledupar Hotel and the Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros Hotel. In these Hotels we implemented our Horus Smart Energy System and we have achieved energy savings of up to 20% translating into money savings of approximately 550 million pesos. This recognition encourages us to continue working for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability through the technology.